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                  Thread Milling Cutters

                  Thread Milling Cutters "A versatile process delivering consistent performance...
                  T-TECH providing an inclusive resource of advice through to service"

                  Thread Milling Cutters Thread milling is a process producing a screw thread by an annular thread cutting tool moving in three axis. In order to thread mill, a CNC machining centre or turning centre must be able to move simultaneously in three axis. The programming path is simple, there is no need to have a cycle for thread milling. If you are unsure we can guide you on cutting data and programming. Unlike tapping the torque applied is negligible, therefore enabling use of high rpm on low power direct drive motors.

                  Thread Milling Cutters

                  In order to help you decide, we have listed both positive and negative aspects of the process. These attributes are then objectively compared to tapping, although due to the variability of factors, the conclusions are not definitive but a general guide.

                  Thread Milling Cutters Thread Milling Cutters Excellent surface texture - no "lead in" allows full form threading to the bottom of a hole - single cutter geometry for most materials - very small swarf chips - cutting data independent from thread size - one cutter for a range of nominal diameters of constant pitch for right and left hand helix - taper threads are easily cut - combine features such as c/bore, thread chamfer, drilling.

                  Thread Milling CuttersFactors which may effect the programming approach, cycle time or texture... cut length exceeding 2xd - excessive tool "overhang" typ' above 4xd - lack of work holding rigidity - thin wall section unclamped - spindle vibration

                  When do I threadmill or tap ?
                  This is subjective because of your situation, not just the application. We have summarised the most likely situations, stating where thread milling becomes more effective...

                  • Material spec' becomes more demanding... thread milling effectiveness increases
                  • Surface texture is important... thread milling offers a superior texture
                  • Range of constant pitch thread diameters... one thread mill within its cut length
                  • Short thread run out... no effect on thread milling process
                  • Swarf crowding... significantly smaller chips from thread milling
                  • Insufficient m/c torque... never an issue with thread milling

                  We can advise on every application, considering all aspects of your requirement. Contact us.

                  Thread Milling Cutters

                  Our range is the largest available, consisting of solid multi-fluted cutters in straight and helical flute. Through coolant is also available, both straight through and into the flutes. Deep hole milling is satisfied with runover shank and shell type.

                  Cutters are manufactured in sub-micro grain carbide and HSS3(8.5%Co, pm). All T-TECH products are supported by a comprehensive regrind service, including re-forming threads and removing badly damaged teeth!

                  Thread Milling CuttersWe are undoubtedly the leading manufacturer of special cutters. Extremely competitively priced and available in a matter of days. If the cutter specification is unsuitable, such as too short a cut length, we will manufacture quickly. All threadforms are within our capability.

                  and the list goes on!

                  Please view our standard range in carbide thread mills or HSS3 Thread Mills, or simply contact us.

                  Thread Milling CuttersHere is a guide to the information required. Firstly the essential, then essential plus, enabling us to select the most suitable thread mill for your application.

                  Thread Milling Cutters Essential... thread nominal diameter, eg: 10mm - pitch, eg: 1.25mm - threadform if not already defined, eg: NPSM - length of full form thread - material being cut

                  Essential plus... access restrictions or "overhang" - work holding type - your priority whether cycle time, tool life or cost - typical batch size

                  Please contact us and we will ask the relevant questions. Technical assistance is always available, whether you chose tel, fax, E-mail, or would prefer a personal visit... See Contact Us.

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