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                  Thread Milling Auto

                  Thread Milling Auto "High speed threading of non-ferrous and carbon steels for Automatic Lathes,
                  single and multi spindle machines"

                  Thread Milling Auto Thread milling is a high speed alternative to screw cutting and rolling of nonferrous and low carbon steel.

                  The process is very quick, offering long tool life from solid tooling in either carbide or HSS grades. The tool is slightly wider than the thread length to be produced. It has a helical thread which by plunging at 1:1 ratio produces the desired thread. A thread milling driven tooling attachment is necessary.

                  Manufacture of new cutters in HSS and carbide for all machine styles, and refurbishment and regrind of existing cutters, however badly the thread and flutes are damaged.

                  Used on: -

                  • Gildemeister
                  • Schutte
                  • Traub
                  • Wickman
                  • To name but few.
                  Thread Milling Auto

                  Thread Milling Auto "Gang mills" can be employed enabling simultaneous production of two threads either side of a connector shoulder, regardless of like or different pitch and threadform.

                  Combined first thread chamfer can also be produced in both single and gang pairs

                  Geometry angles and flute clearance differ according to the swarf chip type.

                  T-Tech can re-furbish these cutters

                  These cutters are intended to be fully re-furbished, even to the point of stripping and reforming the existing threads and flutes.

                  Thread Milling Auto

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