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                  Steam Engine Restoration

                  Steam Engine Resotration Steam engine restoration requires stay taps and T-Tech are the only UK manufacturer of such tools

                  Boiler stays perform a critical function, and T-TECH Stay Taps satisfy that demand: -

                  • Advice
                  • Design
                  • Manufacture

                  Based in Birmingham, T-Tech have huge experience and expertise in producing specialist items for restoring steam engines, manufacturing stay taps and reamers for over forty years.

                  As the only company designing and manufacturing the complete product in the United Kingdom, it is of little surprise that T-Tech specialist reamers and taps are required in the restoration of steam engines.

                  Advice and Design

                  You will speak with an Engineer who understands boiler design and the function of stays, allowing us to design the tap to ensure alignment and concentricity of inner and outer threads. Once we know your maximum and minimum length between plates and whether a new thread or the enlarging of an existing thread is required, we will propose a design for approval. We have the capacity to manufacture any size and length you are likely to require, including any non-standard thread form or taper.


                  T-TECH taps are precision thread ground in Vacuum hardened HSS. We manufacture high performance HSS and carbide taps for automotive, aerospace, petro-chem' and so on. Our knowledge of taps and their geometry helps taps to cut freely, reducing the possibility of binding or ripped threads.

                  Good design allows simultaneous engagement of both plates by both a plain pilot and thread, whether opening up existing or cutting new threads.

                  It is essential to make a good seal, not just relying on a rivet seal, therefore we produce a nominal thread form. This does not effect the class of fit at the pitch diameter, but reduces unnecessary clearance at the crest and root between hole and stay.

                  Rapid Delivery

                  T-TECH will respond very quickly once you have spoken to an engineer. You will receive a proposal and quotation within 2 days, and once finalised manufacture takes between one to five weeks depending on the requirement.

                  T-TECH tooling

                  We can produce virtually any style and length of reamer and tap designed for your application.

                  • Boiler Stay Taps such as side stay
                  • Counter Sinks
                  • Crown stay, Palm stay
                  • Domed face Dienuts
                  • Reamers
                  • Seating Cutters
                  • Set screw tap, Patch screw tap
                  • Washout plug tap

                  Tell us the maximum and minimum distance between boiler plates and we will submit a proposed tap dimensions.

                  We have the capacity to manufacture any size and length you are likely to require, including any non-standard thread form or taper.

                  one A tapered thread form at the lead chamfer ensures gradual and easy engagement with an existing smaller thread.

                  Please contact us and we will ask the relevant questions. Technical assistance is always available, whether you chose tel, fax, E-mail, or would prefer a personal visit.

                  In the picture below one can see the boiler from Engine No 11 named 'Maitland' which is being repaired by Severn Valley Railway on a contract basis for the 'Isle of Man Steam Railway'.

                  Maitland in her glory more...


                  In the above picture one can see Stuart of Severn Valley Railway repairing the boiler of Maitland.

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