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                  Special Cutting Tools

                  Special Cutting Tools "Solid cutters in carbide and HSS grades for specific applications.
                  Drilling - Reaming - Form relieved cutters - Serration cutters for work holding"

                  Special Taps and Dies Successful performance of cutting tools does not depend solely on manufacturing expertise regardless of the machine tool utilised. They are essential ingredients whose benefit cannot be realised without expert knowledge and experience in the design of a tool.

                  T-TECH utilise five axis production grinders controlled by skilled toolmakers boasting vast experience. The equation is satisfied through knowledge and expertise practised over sixty years of manufacturing cutting tools.

                  Special Cutting Tools

                  Cutters are designed to suit your application, or repeated to a proven specification.

                  drills - reamers - form relieved cutters - serration cutters -
                  recess tools slot drills - end mills - milling cutters

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