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                  Dies and Die Nuts

                  Special Taps and Dies Special circular dies and hexagon dienuts in HSS. A comprehensive range from small to large sizes for all thread forms.

                  Special Taps and Dies

                  Whether circular thread relieved solid dies for machining, or hand dies and dienuts for finishing and repair of existing threads. We manufacture with thread relief or conventional geometry for both ferrous and non ferrous materials.

                  Body styles for restricted access, such as projection, taper nose (Acorn dies), domed face; or flat face for normal use, including BS1127, ISO 2568, DIN223, or a bespoke design, in both solid and split adjustable.

                  The lead chamfer options can be a minimum one thread, normal bottoming lead, or a longer chamfer. This can be combined with a spiral point (peel cut) geometry.

                  All thread forms can be manufactured, including a service identifying threads on existing components. Here is a list of some more common thread forms: -

                  • Acme
                  • BA
                  • BSF
                  • BSP (G)
                  • BSPT (Rc)
                  • BSW
                  • ISO
                  • Metric
                  • MJ
                  • NPS
                  • NPT
                  • Radius
                  • Rd
                  • Trapezoidal (Tr)
                  • UNC
                  • UNF
                  • Unified
                  • UNJ
                  • Whitworth
                  • and the list goes on!

                  Special Taps and Dies The external tap!... A solid thread relieved precision die. Unique geometry for non ferrous and carbon steel, suited to restricted access."

                  ULTIMATE Die is a unique approach to threading with a circular die, advancing its purpose to machining parallel and taper threads.

                  Designed specifically for your application, it combines thread relieved geometry and specific cutting angles in a compact precision body. Intended for machining of non ferrous and carbon steels, coolant access and swarf ejection are incorporated in the design. It is a solid tool requiring similar setting to a tap.

                  Intended for use on non-ferrous materials and carbon steel, but not for materials producing long or tough chips.

                  The potential compactness enables use in restricted space, where the body dimensions can be tailored to comply with an existing fixing method. Thread relief, cutting geometry, and various lead chamfer options are bespoke, as is the entirety of thread forms which are offered. Premium HSS3(pm) material and coatings extend its potential. In essence its bespoke nature is its versatility.

                  Special Taps and Dies Here is a guide to the information required. Firstly the essential, then essential plus, enabling us to select the most suitable Die for your application.

                  Special Taps and Dies

                  Essential... thread nominal diameter, eg: 10mm - pitch, eg: 1.25mm - class of fit - threadform if not already defined, eg: Unified - material being cut
                  Essential plus... allowable lead length - access restrictions - body / work holding type

                  Please contact us and we will answer your questions, whether you chose telephone, fax, E-mail, or would prefer a personal visit... See Contact Us.

                  Special Dies

                  Traditional pattern circular dies for hand and machine use, whether solid or split. Dimensions to BS1127, DIN223, or your specification.

                  Geometry of the cutting land and the lead chamfer is deigned to suit a specific application, however, it is not thread relieved, nor is the body manufactured to as close tolerance dimensions.

                  Special Taps and Dies

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