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                  Carbide Hardmetal Taps

                  Carbide hardmetal taps "Tap evolution inevitably must develop in carbide as all cutting tools have... Introducing the most comprehensive and specific range"

                  A carbide hardmetal tap produces the same thread as in HSS, however, its function is different.

                  Carbide hardmetal taps The structure is very stable, consisting of sub-micro grain particles being consistent and hard in nature. It has a character which is more resistant to abrasion, pressure, heat, and material adhesion. T-TECH taps further enhance this benefit being through coolant. In essence it offers a longer or faster and more consistent performance in applications of attrition.

                  carbide hardmetal taps

                  Selection is appropriate in three main areas...

                  • High volume production in materials with abrasive qualities. An obvious example is tapping automotive components in aluminium and iron. Fluteless cold forming taps are ideal for these type of applications, tapping faster without any resulting swarf
                  • Materials which exhibit high wear characteristics or a "closing" nature. Composites - pure alloys such as tungsten, copper, etc - "exotics" - iron - alum alloys.
                  • Materials hardened above Rc40. Steels and "exotic" alloys.

                  Carbide hardmetal taps

                  carbide hardmetal taps

                  Once the correct selection has been made, a carbide tap will consistently demonstrate longer life. This benefit results from its characteristics previously described. There is particular benefit in speed and life when fluteless cold forming taps are selected. Consideration must be given to the entirety of the application. Carbide is more brittle, therefore contributory factors to success or failure may comprise of the following: rigid work piece - rigid tapping avoiding shock or undesirable "float" - vibration.

                  carbide hardmetal taps

                  The variety of applications and resulting geometry applied to HSS, is reproduced in carbide. The styles described below are comprehensive in creating a standard range. The Tool Selector guides you through the complexity of styles, or simply contact us to make the right choice.

                  Flute pattern style

                  Z: normal quick
                  spiral helix

                  X: advancing helix
                  (for spiral point)

                  Y: normal slow
                  spiral helix

                  V: straight flute


                  Z: normal quick
                  spiral helix

                  F: fluteless

                  FG: fluteless, lubrication grooves

                  Cutting angle style


                  R: low rake

                  S: medium rake

                  T: high rake

                  fluteless taps

                  Radial and axial thread relief applied to R, S, T, and specific material condition.

                  Lead chamfer type

                  1: 1-2 threads (E)

                  2: 2-3 threads (C)

                  3: 5-6 threads (B)

                  4: 7-8 threads (A)

                  carbide hardmetal taps

                  The T-TECH standard range of carbide hardmetal taps. We also manufacture for special applications. For details of our Carbide Hardmetal Tap Range

                  Carbide hardmetal taps Here is a guide to the information required.

                  Firstly the essential, then essential plus, enabling us to design a more suitable tap for your application.

                  Essential... thread nominal diameter, eg: 10mm - pitch, eg: 1.25mm - threadform if not already defined, eg: UNJ - material being cut - through or blind hole
                  Essential plus... specific material - length of full thread - allowable thread runout (lead) - access restrictions - machine and work holding type - typical batch volume

                  To contact us for expert help and advice.

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