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                  Bone Screw Cutters
                  Thread Milling Cutters for Bone Screw Medical Threads

                  Thread Milling Cutters for Bone Screw Medical Threads Thread milling is a high speed process for producing bone screw medical threads. A special purpose machine tool or driven attachment is necessary. Manufactured in sub-micrograin carbide with geometry suitable for stainless, both straight and alternate angled teeth cutters are available. Both can be reground and refurbished.

                  Special Taps and Dies The T-TECH standard range of bone screw forms available embraces all HA and HB threadforms: -

                  • HA1.5
                  • HA2
                  • HA2.7
                  • HA3.5
                  • HA4
                  • HA4.5
                  • HA5
                  • HB4
                  • HB6.5

                  Bone Screw Types

                  • Cancellous Screw
                  • Cannulated Screw
                  • Cortical Screw
                  • Femoral Screw
                  • Hipscrew
                  • Lagscrew
                  • S-Fix Screw
                  • Titanium Screw
                  • Transverse Screw

                  Additionally, special forms and geometry can be designed and manufactured. Both can be reground and refurbished.

                  All bone screw cutters are produced to ISO 5835.

                  Bone Screws Supplied Worldwide

                  As one of the leading manufacturers of bones screws in the world T-Tech supply these products to medical distributors and end users throughout the UK, European Union and World Wide.

                  Thread Milling Cutters Here is a guide to the information required.

                  Please supply a component or tooling drawing, and material to cut.

                  Alternatively contact us and we will ask the relevant questions. Technical assistance is always available, whether you chose telephone, fax, e-mail, or would prefer a personal visit.

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