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                  About T-Tech Tooling

                  about T-Tech

                  T-TECH offer a total service: -

                  • Design
                  • Manufacture
                  • Service solid tooling, principally screw thread and form relieved cutting tools.

                  Rapid Delivery

                  T-TECH main attribute is versatility of range and design, where any quantity is offered in very short manufacturing times, including non-standard or special sizes.

                  Founded 1948 - Sixty + years experience

                  about T-Tech The Company has manufactured specialist threading and cutting tools for over sixty years, applying this vast experience and knowledge of our staff to design, manufacture, and product application.

                  Investment in The Company remains a priority. We utilise CNC equipment throughout the machining and grinding processes. The thread grinding process of high speed steel grades and carbide, is carried out on both special purpose and CNC five axis production grinders.

                  Inspection is rigorous

                  about T-Tech Inspection is carried out in a temperature controlled facility. Processes and materials are fully traceable. All processes are performed within T-TECH, with the exception of raw materials, heat treatment, and surface coatings, which are out sourced. In these cases we operate a policy of single source suppliers, because we believe this greatly improves the consistency of a process, enabling us to monitor quality and performance more closely.

                  World Class Service

                  about T-Tech Our emphasis is to provide a quick response and attentive service. Response to your enquiry is carried out by our most experienced and qualified engineers, whether within the company or via personal representation. This level of service and product support extends to programming assistance and cutting trials.

                  Please note that we are available to discuss all aspects of thread cutting and your application. Simply contact us, whether for advice or quotation.

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